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Planting “inserjos” en finca el Coster 2020

“The challenge in warmer climates is to keep the purity, lightness and finesse you want in a sparkling wine.

Mallorcan varietal Malvasia lends itself to a sparkling blend

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From Signac to Matisse vine art

The main reason for the increase in vineyard plantings in Mallorca is that expectations are the market is likely to continue to grow as new vines reach maturity. But large vineyards are expensive to operate and many producers are only just now breaking even after years of investing.

Some vineyard owners estimate it costs upwards of 20k per acre for the first 3 years before you see a single harvestable grape. And that’s without building your own winery.

The first harvest is generally taken in the third autumn after planting. But unless the site is ideal, the first crop isn’t likely to be useful. The quantity will increase while the vines mature until the yield plateaus when the vines are 7 to 10 years old.

The commercial age of a vine is 25 to 30 years after which the productivity of the vines will drop away. It is generally agreed the quality improves and quantity increases as the vines mature, but there are examples of exceptional wines being made from fairly young vines if the site and vintage conditions are ideal.

For sparkling wine it’s then likely to be a further 3 years at least before a finished bottle of wine is released – so minimum of 6 years between planting and producing a bottle of wine.

And once you’ve sorted the actual planting of the vines and the growing and harvesting of the grapes, you’re then into the decision of making of the wine yourself, which in itself has a further set of costs and decisions to be made, such as whether to use barrels – or an option to making the wine yourself is to take the harvest to a local cooperative.

“to dream and to do.”

Microvineyards are a new concept that villa owners with larger plots are starting to take notice of.

Rather than the investment in a large scale vineyard requiring hectares of land you can enjoy your own boutique vineyard on a smaller scale by installing a microvineyard. This can be anything from 200 vines upwards ( approx 1000 square metres minimum needed) with vines and rows spaced more closely and a lower trellis system to keep the canopy lower to ensure sun.

Starting your own micro vineyard, can bring the rewards difficult to measure in financial terms as the feeling of accomplishment- in bringing new life to a “terroir” – is inspirational, therapeutic and satisfying.

For some it is the added value a microvineyard brings to the property for others is simply the view from your terrace of rows of flourishing vines and the colour of leaves and grapes in the evening sun….

signac – “view from” a terrace
matisse – open window

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